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At Onehaus we believe that every property can benefit from having professional photography. This is why we cover anything from a small one bedroomed flat, to a large country estate, and have a pricing structure that is accessible for any property.

Scroll down to see the range of properties we cover.

Deluxe Property Portfolio

Having professional photography can make a huge difference to the selling power of your home. Your property photographs are the first impression your buyer has of your house, and within a few seconds they will decide whether to scroll on to the next property, or to book a viewing and start imagining themselves in their new home.

Our affordable pricing structure works on three levels:

Up to and including a 3 bedroomed property

4 bed and above

Deluxe package for high end properties and large estates

Tips to get your home ready for the shoot:

Clear away all clutter including minimizing shampoo bottles in bathrooms and pots in kitchens.

Tuck visible wires behind units

Hide pet bowls and crates as this might put certain buyers off

Move cars off driveways

Uncover BBQ or patio furniture